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My Impressive Portfolio

Since day one in my career I have taken on the toughest of challenges. As a result I have had no choice but to understand all elements of a pumping system from not just mechanical but hydraulic, electrical, process and instrumentation perspectives.  When I have been helping clients I am often mistaken for an electrical engineer, a process engineer and even a control expert. This unique combination has allowed me to attend any client site and very quickly develop an understanding that allows me to provide consider all elements of a system and change from power to mining to petrochemical without delay, essentially, I speak many engineering languages. Coupled with my industry leading expertise in Industrial IoT  and how to actually put it to perfect use at the plant level, I’ve been assisting individuals and businesses in defining and fulfilling their overall objectives. I’ve worked with industry-leading clients, and earned my reputation as a top Pump System Expert. Take a look at my clients list below.

Oil derrick

Gorgon Project

Innovative Chemical Injection Packages

From the description of a challenge, to the delivery of a package in full compliance with all project specifications, I designed, planned and created solutions to inject waste water into wells, and provide chemical injection packages designed for easy maintenance and accessibility. Some concepts started as a sketch on a napkin, and the final result turned into a total of 45 modules sent to the Barrow Island site. As the sole project engineer, this is where I got my grounding in instrumentation, electrical, safety, human factor and control engineering.


Geothermal Power Station Upgrade

Modernization Without Stopping

An older geothermal power plant had 24 Pentane Feed pumps generating energy off the steam exhaust of larger turbines. Removing the control valves and converting to advanced speed control, I lead all elements of the project from feasibility to commissioning. The largest challenge was to keep the plant running whilst interconnecting a modern VFD to the antique control system. No documentation was available for the existing installation, so planning and tracing was critical and overall completed successfully. The bonus result, was the plant generated 30% more energy savings than anticipated after I tuned the system and optimized the operation.

Pumping Services

Health Assessments

Professional Guidance

Many clients have situations where they are just putting out fires, just trying to keep the plant producing. However unplanned downtimes and failures cause resources at site to be stretched to the limit and justifying more headcount can be difficult as production is dropping. By coming into site, looking at all the asset operating conditions, reviewing vibration, pressures, flows, etc, I would very quickly rank all assets from best to worst. Aligning this with client experience allows actions to be implemented that can make immediate impacts, solutions have been as simple as alignment to pinching a discharge valve. Stabilizing the operating system allows planned maintenance to be carried out with minimal impact to operations.

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